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natural relief for fibromyalgia in Mauldin

How a Mauldin SC Chiropractor Can Help Improve Your Condition

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is making waves in the health and wellness niche because it works and provides opportunities for people looking for lasting relief from their symptoms and conditions. It aims to address postural imbalances that prevent the body from functioning correctly, resulting in different health problems. When you consult with a Mauldin SC chiropractor who employs Upper Cervical Chiropractic for the first time, you should expect to undergo a few diagnostics tests so the chiropractor can get a picture of your cervical spine—the area of focus of this particular chiropractic methodology.

Why Seek Top-Rated Chiropractors Who Focus on the Upper Cervical Spine

You must be wondering why it makes sense to consult with a chiropractor who adjusts the topmost bones of the neck. What makes the C1 and C2 vertebrae so important? The answer lies in their design and functions. If you take a closer look at the different spinal bones, you will notice that the two topmost cervical bones have a unique shape. Additionally, they permit maximum head movements.

Unfortunately, because of their standout design and structure, these bones are easy to shift after a traumatic injury or a blunt blow to the neck. When they move, they affect several body parts, including the brainstem, central nervous system’s information superhighway. The pressure on the brainstem sets off various problems, including migraine symptoms, vertigo sensations, and increased risks for fibromyalgia. 

Thankfully, a chiropractic doctor can help you correct the postural imbalance. This may help you achieve lasting migrainefibromyalgia, and vertigo relief.  Additionally, chiropractic adjustments from a trusted chiropractor, like Tony Choi, D.C., will help you ensure uninterrupted communication between your brain and other body parts, allowing you to enjoy significant improvements in your health. 

What To Expect When You Visit Our Chiropractic Office In Mauldin SC

Your journey towards vertigo, fibromyalgia and migraine relief typically starts with a quick consultation with a chiropractic doctor. This will help you determine if Upper Cervical Chiropractic is the best solution to your case and whether you should schedule subsequent visits to a chiropractic office in Mauldin SC, like Revival Spinal Care. 

When seeking a chiropractic practice for the first time, you may need to undergo X-ray scans and a physical assessment of your cervical spine. This will help your Mauldin SC chiropractor to measure how far your C1 and C2 bones have shifted out of place. 

Then, your chiropractor will discuss the approach to restoring your cervical spine alignment through well-calculated adjustments. After you start receiving Upper Cervical Care and seeing improvements in your neck curvature, your Upper Cervical Chiropractor will proceed to provide neuromuscular activation, a vital aspect of the technique to help stabilize your spine and maintain the chiropractic adjustments. Additionally, your chiropractor digs deeper into your condition and provides actionable tips to help unlock optimal health. 

Hopefully, the technique can help you achieve long-term relief from debilitating health problems like migraines, vertigo episodes, and fibromyalgia. If you’re unsure how Dr. Tony Choi, one of the top-rated chiropractors in Mauldin SC, can help you manage migraines, vertigo and fibromyalgia better, we suggest reading on until the last section.

Natural Vertigo Relief in Mauldin SC Using Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Besides helping patients enjoy lasting migraine relief, Dr. Tony Choi also works hard to help patients cope with vertigo attacks. Upper Cervical Chiropractic’s Atlas Orthogonal technique can help regain the inner ear’s normal function by helping resolve issues such as:

  • Neurovascular compression that affects fluid flow in the ears
  • Vestibular nerve compression due to the abnormal fluid build-up
  • Unlevelled head and shoulders because of cervical subluxation

Many Americans experience intense vertigo attacks due to Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. The condition causes significant disruptions because it causes the brain to detect false movements after tilting the head or switching from one position to another. Thankfully, top-rated chiropractors like Tony Choi, DC, can help manage these conditions with precise and gentle neck bone adjustments.

Frequent and consistent visits to our vertigo relief clinic can also help you ensure proper spinal column alignment. This eliminates problems in proprioception or your brain’s ability to detect movements. 

Regardless of your age, vertigo-causing condition, work background, or history of neck bone trauma, you can most certainly expect top-notch care from our vertigo chiropractor.

Fibromyalgia Relief in Mauldin SC with the Help of a Trusted Chiropractor

Dr. Tony Choi has built a stellar reputation as a dependable migraine and vertigo chiropractor. But, apart from these two symptoms, patients go to our chiropractic office in Mauldin SC to get help managing their fibromyalgia symptoms. This chronic neurological problem afflicts up to four million American adults.

A lot of people seeking fibromyalgia relief report many debilitating symptoms, including:

  • Widespread body tenderness and pain
  • Slow or impaired cognitive function
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Recurring and intense headaches
  • Low energy levels and unexplainable tiredness
  • Depression and anxiety

Our chiropractor has worked with many fibromyalgia patients. Some experience sudden flare-ups, while others report consistent pain for several days. As a trusted fibromyalgia relief clinic, our practice strives to help patients cope better with their symptoms with the help of our holistic approach to healing. 

Our fibromyalgia chiropractor studies the neck bone structure and detects cervical subluxation. He aims to provide fibromyalgia relief by removing the tension on the brainstem and nerve roots, so they stop misfiring signals to your brain. This helps you address your hypersensitivity to touch or pain stimuli and heal your irritated nervous system tissues. 

Additionally, to provide significant fibromyalgia relief, Dr. Tony Choi identifies health challenges like vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may prevent patients from seeing desirable results from their care plan.

Visit Revive Spinal Care, A Trusted Chiropractor in Mauldin SC

Dr. Tony Choi of Revive Spinal Care has committed his life to helping patients enjoy a better and improved life through chiropractic care. He practices Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic, a specially designed technique that eliminates signal interferences in the brain and brainstem.

Countless patients attest to his diligence in providing natural and holistic migraine relief, regardless of how long the symptoms have affected a patient. He has also gained recognition as a vertigo chiropractor thanks to his systemic approach to restoring equilibrium in the vestibular system. Additionally, Dr. Tony Choi has been working hard to offer effective and natural relief, especially to individuals who report massive disruptions in their life due to the crippling effects of fibromyalgia.
We strongly recommend consulting top-rated chiropractors if you show signs of migraines, vertigo, or fibromyalgia. Unknown to you, the symptoms preventing you from living your life to the fullest might have something to do with cervical spine misalignments.

Let Revive Spinal Care and Dr. Tony Choi help you detect and address such postural issues so you can help your body recover and function smoothly again. Call us at 864-778-8439 or connect with our team by checking out this website form.